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Комплект видео/аудио передатчик и приемник 5.8ГГц 8 каналов 200мВт (частоты Boscam)

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Артикул:  CS-H200 4263
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Description This is another great option to those whom want to do FPV without interference problems with 2.4 GHz R/C radios.It is one of the best 5.8GHz wireless video and audio transmitter and receiver kit for FPV flying.

The tiny pocket size receiver besides its small size,  the AV output on the unique receiver allows you to connect your video goggle and possible recorder to the receiver at the same time.

To complete the easy use of this system, the transmitter which is provides clean 12 volts to power any of our 12 volts DC cameras even share power with the motor.
It's great and reliable system, with all the important features that plug and play systems must to have.

5.8GHz 200mW wireless AV transmitter and receiver with 8 channels (5.8GHz 8CH 200mW wireless video and audio transmitter kit )
8 channel 5.8GHz 500mW Video and Audio Transmitter Kit (5.8GHz 8CH 500mW wireless AV transmitter and receiver)

Fetures: 1. With heat sink, and built-in microphone
                2. 5.8GHz frequency, strong anti-interference
                3. Long transmission distance
                4. Lightweight and small size

Transmitter Spec.:
Modulate: Wideband FM Modulate
Video Format: NTSC/PAL
Output Impedance: 50 Ohm
Output Power: 21~23 dBm

Channel Frequency:
CH1: 5705 MHz 
CH2: 5685 MHz 
CH3: 5665 MHz 
CH4: 5645 MHz 
CH5: 5885 MHz 
CH6: 5905 MHz 
CH7: 5925 MHz 
CH8: 5945 MHz

Operating Voltage: 8~12V
Supply current: 150 mA
Operating Temperature: -10 ~ +85 ?
Video Band Width: 0 ~ 8.0 MHz
Audio carrier Frequency: 6.5MHz
Video Input Level: 0.8 ~ 1.2 Vp-p
Video Input Impedance: 75 Ohm
Audio Input Level: 0.5 ~ 2.0 Vp-p
Audio Input Impedance: 10K Ohm
Weight: 25g
Antenna Connector: SMA Connector
Dimensions (L x W x H): 55x26x17mm

Reciever Spec.:
Receiving Senstivity: <90dbm br=""> Receiving Frequency: ISM 5.8GHz
Antenna Port: 50 ohm SMA
Antenna Gain: 2dBi
Power Supply: DC 12V 170mA
Dimmensions (WxHxD): 100x79x18mm
Weight: 60g

Transmission Disance: We quote 500 meters. Sometimes you will get a lot more, occasionally you will get less. There are many kinds of environments affecting microwave transmission, and it's best it will not be performing at all well (out of sight, low level, among buildings or trees, surrounded by other FPV flyers).

Package Includes:
1x 5.8GHz 500mw  Transmitter
1x 5.8GHz  Receiver
1x TX power cable and AV cable set
1x RX power cable and AV cable set
2x2dBi 5.8GHz omni-direction antenna
1x User Manual

Please check the color of every wires before operation, then you won't go wrong.

2-pin connector:
Red: DC8-12 Volts Input
Black: GND

5-pin connector:
Red: V output for your camera, normally 0.5V less than the DC input from the 2-pin connector.
Yellow: VIDEO
White: AUDIO (6.0MHz),normally no use
Green:AUDIO(6.5MHz),normally no use

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