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Артикул:  OSD 119131
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OSD data processing module for zero flight control design for aircraft, the voltage, the GPS coordinate, return point coordinates, height, speed, throttle, pitch, roll and other important flight data through the module added to the video, completely solve the problem about the flight data of flying hands during flight can not real time, help flying hands more relaxed, free flight experience. Power supply and can provide 5V 2A for video input, output device (GOPRO3)

Basic parameters:

Support: Gemini Autopilot,X4P, X6P, X4, S4, zero full range of flight control products

Working voltage: 2-6s lithium battery

Host size: 50*46*12mm

Weight: 40g (including wire)

1.TX power supply and AV signal line, which can be used to provide 5V voltage to the chart of TX Red Line for the positive power supply, black as the cathode of the power supply, the white AV signal output.

2. camera power supply and AV signal line, 5V voltage is used to provide the camera. The red line for power supply

Cathode, black line for the negative electrode of the power supply, the white AV signal input.

3.Wifi (radio) power line voltage of 5V, can be used to provide Wifi radio. The red line for power

Pole, black as the cathode of the power supply.

4.serial data output line, the line is connected with the data input port of Wifi (radio).

5.serial data input line, the line connecting flight control serial data output port.

6.OSD main power line, the line of aircraft mains connection, compatible with 2S~6S cells.

7.mode switch key and mode indicator.

1. interest radius (unit: M)

2. time of flight

3. voltage alarm, unsigned showed no alarm; symbol flashes a warning sign, conventional display for voltage two alarm.

4. memory card status indication, no symbol display for the memory card has been inserted; symbols for conventional display was not detected in the memory card.

5. serial port status indicator, is used for indicating the state of the serial connection between OSD and flight control, symbol flashes for serial data anomalies, no symbol appears as normal serial data.

6. of the actual amount of rudder throttle instructions, cursor control actual output throttle control quantity, scale the vernier zero scale numerical representation, beside the throttle specific data.

7. return indicator, when the tail alignment take-off point, return indicator is located just below the cross bar, at the same time return indicator by small triangle to triangle symbol, the remote control aircraft take-off point toward your direction; the tail direction than the take-off point offset more big, return indicator deviates from the cross bars farther. The take-off point of aircraft power gain of 6 GPS satellites, aircraft location. (this function is only valid in GPS mode and GPS coordinates)

8. has been set waypoints

9. the current target waypoint number

10. aircraft horizontal velocity (unit: KM/h)

11. aircraft from takeoff point height (unit: M)

12. retention

13. aircraft from takeoff point horizontal distance (unit: M)

14. power current value (unit: A)

15. the number of the GPS satellite

16. shaking coefficient

The 17 vibration coefficient

18. aircraft pitch angle indicator

19. vehicle roll angle indicator

20. vehicle lifting the status indicator, the arrow to the said aircraft in high state, arrow down said aircraft in low state, the length of the arrow indicates the high or low speed probable value.

21. aircraft heading angle indicator (only in GPS mode will be effective course angle indicator, or heading angle often North)

Indicator 22 flight mode, GPS GPS mode; MM manual mode; NAV navigation mode;

GH autopilot mode.

23. control voltage value (unit: V)

24. power consumption value (unit: mAH)

25. remote control receiver state.

Two, the installation steps

1. the state of the power will map transmitter, WiFi (radio), camera, flight control and the corresponding OSD according to the instructions inserted plug.

2.confirm the above devices connected to correct the OSD main power line is connected with the battery, if OSD red indicator on and from the received video to see video pictures show that equipment installation is successful; otherwise, disconnect the power to check line connection.

3.mode selection

In order to meet different needs, the OSD can be through the MODE button to select the streamline patterns or detail mode.

When the indicator is red indicates that the current model for the detailed model, the indicator light is green said the current mode to streamline patterns.

4. the flight data playback

When inserted into the micro-SD card OSD, flight data will be real-time write track file, track file name by the departure time (Greenwich time) of the day when the 8 digits, the suffix ".HJ".

The data available through the zero ground station software company PC end view.

5.the firmware upgrade

The OSD support firmware upgrade, to ensure that the user experience and function better. The upgrade process is as follows:

1. from the official website of zero or zero multi axis users download the firmware file, and ensure that the file name is UPDATA;

2. the firmware file micro-SD card;

3. the micro-SD card into the OSD micro-SD card slot;

4. connecting OSD main power supply, light is red and green flash alternately, equipment to upgrade state, this time do not disconnect the power supply; if the indicator light does not appear red and green flashes alternately, disconnect and reconnect the OSD main power supply;

5. indicator light stops flashing, firmware upgrade is complete, remove the micro-SD card and the firmware file deletion.

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