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Рама складная мультикоптера Vulcan RAVEN Super Heavy Lift X8 - Complete Pro System

Артикул:  RAV2 4250
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Vulcan Raven 1150 Folding X8 Super Heavy Lift - Complete Kit

For payloads of 8Kg+     

The Raven is a brand new Super Heavy Lift multicopter from Vulcan, designed to carry payloads of 8 Kg or more. Made from high grade carbon fibre, and custom manufactured 6061 grade aluminium, this is an extremely tough, folding frame in X8 configuration, designed with ultimate safety in mind, and built to withstand the rigors of real world commercial use.

Kit includes highest quality components for extreme reliability, performance and efficiency.


> Anti vibrations system for payload rated to 8.5 kgs

> 12mm rails for payload mounting

> Extended, wide spaced retractable landing legs giving nearly 500mm of ground clearance

> Quick fold mechanism with safety latch for ultimate security, allowing the machine to be folded down flat for transportation. This simple yet highly secure mechanism requires no tools to use and there are no loose parts to lose.

> Custom 'DayBright' LED system with programmable controller featuring 24 flash patterns and control from your Tx, visible from up to 2000 feet in daylight. LED colours are 1 x green, 1 x red, and 2 x white. LEDs are mounted in a diffuser housing mounted inside the motor mounts.

> Can carry up to four large lipo batteries

This machine is already being used by several major film and production companies, including Walt Disney, to carry Red Epic or similar cameras.


1 x Complete airframe kit
1 x Anti vibration system
1 x Payload mount (12mm rails)
1 x Extended retracts
1 x Custom LED system
8 x Tiger U7 420 Kv Motors
8 x Tiger T80 80A ESCs
8 x Tiger 18 x 61 Carbon Fibre props
400A Power Distribution Board
Vulcan Gel
All necessary wiring and plugs

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